Bondtech releases lightweight, cost & time-saving BMG extruder for optimum 3D printing

Swedish startup Bondtech has today launched their newest product, a lightweight, cost and time-saving extruder for 3D printers. Leveraging the company’s Dual-Drive technology, the BMG extruder combines low weight with high feeding capacity, and ensures maximum performance without grinding and slipping.

According to CEO Martin Bondéus, the BMG extruder can feed materials of all kinds reliably, from slippery nylons and soft TPU/TPE filaments, to highly rigid and brittle carbon-filled high-strength materials. The extruder is designed for 1.75 mm 3D printer filaments, but the company states that it has been tested to ensure performance of filament from 1.5 mm up to 2.0 mm. The thumbscrew tensioner allows the user to fine-tune the pressure exerted by the drive gears onto the filament. This gives the user freedom to adjust according to their preferences and optimize for the type of material that will be used.

Bondtech has designed the BMG extruder with a quick-release feature. Users can simply activate its Quick-Release lever, which will release the tension and pull the desired material to be changed out of the extruder. Remaining activated, a new material can then be inserted. The new BMG extruder can be used in a Bowden or direct set-ups. In addition, it features an integrated hotend retention method compatible with the E3D-V6 hotends or others using the GrooveMount standard, which makes mounting the hotend a simple and "wobble free" process.

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